All Strategies Share the Same Investment Philosophy

  • Disciplined and statistically driven
  • Based on academic research
  • Efficiently traded
  • Risk managed

Bridgeway’s disciplined, systematic process spans three different investment areas – US equity, international equity, and alternatives.

Bridgeway’s strategies in each investment area offer a unique approach to strong factor exposure and diversification for portfolios.

US Equity

International Equity

Emerging Markets Small-Cap
An emerging markets small-cap strategy that combines an adaptive approach to intangible capital intensity with a differentiated approach to portfolio construction through active share proportionality and factor exposure parity.

Absolute Return

Global Opportunities
Emerging Opportunities
A systematic contextual stock selection approach aiming to deliver consistent risk-adjusted absolute returns with low net exposure

Services Available to Institutional Investors and Advisors

Separate Accounts Icon

Separate Account Strategies are currently available as separately managed accounts (SMAs) and only to institutional investors.

Sub-Advisory Icon

Sub-Advisory Services enable other professional managers to offer investment services in a cost-effective way. Our portfolio managers and analysts are also readily available to our sub-advisory clients. For more information about our sub-advisory services, please contact us at 713-661-3500, option 1.

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Bridgeway Mutual Funds offer distinct choices for meeting individual portfolio needs. Our no-load mutual funds complement the investment philosophies and objectives of all types of investors. To learn more about the mutual funds built around our Select and Omni strategies, please visit Bridgeway Mutual Funds.

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Each of our ETFs was developed to provide you with an innovative solution to a specific need. To learn more about our ETFs, please visit Bridgeway ETFs.