Investment Objective

Seeks consistent risk–adjusted absolute returns agnostic to market direction, with reduced volatility and granular diversification.

Investment Universe

The strategy seeks to achieve its exposure by investing in an actively managed portfolio consisting primarily of long and short swaps of securities in the emerging markets, developed markets and U.S. markets.

Investment Strategies

Systematic stock selection approach targets inefficiencies and opportunities in Global Markets. Employs innovations in accounting theory and financial analysis to evaluate company fundamentals contextually, allowing to capitalize on slower price discovery in overlooked market segments. Limited discretion is applied when research assumptions do not hold. Portfolio construction is designed to emphasize idiosyncratic over systematic exposures. Proprietary measures drive desired exposures based on stock–specific fundamentals, market microstructure, and shorting anomalies. Undesirable exposures include large country, sector, or beta exposures. Strives to achieve maximum cost–effective exposures through unconventional portfolio construction, effective shorting negotiation, and a patient trading approach. The strategy seeks to achieve its exposure by using derivatives (including swaps) or by holding assets directly.

Strategy Basics

Category Absolute Return
Benchmark FTSE 3M Treasury Bill
Inception 04/30/2023

Team Managed

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