Investment Objective

To manage a simple, low-risk, cost-effective strategy that seeks to provide long-term total return, primarily through capital appreciation, but also generate some income from ultra-large companies.

Investment Universe

The strategy considers only the largest 150 companies in terms of market capitalization for investment.

Investment Strategies

Management of this strategy is primarily based on choosing approximately 35 stocks among the top 150 companies in terms of market capitalization. Industry concentration is limited to diversify risk, and the strategy is rebalanced quarterly to maintain a roughly equally weighted portfolio.

Security Selection and Weighting
Assets in the strategy are invested selectively among the largest 150 companies on the US exchanges. Bridgeway takes care to control the strategy's exposure to risk.

Strategy Basics

Category Mega-Cap Equity
Benchmark Russell Top 50 Mega Cap Index
Inception 01/01/2001

Team Managed

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Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC is a Houston-based, SEC Registered Investment Advisor founded in 1993. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. BCM offers equity separate accounts, mutual funds, and sub-advisory services managed primarily in a statistical, evidence-based approach across multiple market capitalizations and investment styles to investors. The firm ascribes to four business values: Integrity, Performance, Efficiency and Service. BCM focuses on efficient trading to complement statistical stock selection and believes that it can add value by managing conflicts of interest, promoting its independence, and aggressively managing trading costs.

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Bridgeway Blue Chip Composite - Portfolios in this composite are managed with an objective of seeking to provide a long-term total return of capital primarily through capital appreciation, but also some income in ultra-large company stocks. The income objective of this style is achieved almost exclusively from dividends paid by some invested stocks. The portfolio invests in approximately 35 of the largest US domiciled companies measured by stock market capitalization.

The distinctive attributes of the strategy are its low-cost structure and roughly equal weighting of stocks held. Portfolios in this composite would appropriately be benchmarked against the Russell Top 50® Mega Cap Index. Prior to 6/1/2019, the composite name was Bridgeway Blue Chip 35 Index. This is a name change only and not a change to the composite investment policy.

The Russell Top 50® Mega Cap Index measures the performance of the largest companies in the Russell 3000® Index. It includes approximately 50 of the largest securities based on a combination of their market cap and current index membership and represents approximately 40% of the total market capitalization of the Russell 3000®. The Russell Top 50® Mega Cap Index is constructed to provide a comprehensive unbiased and stable barometer of the largest US companies. The Index is completely reconstituted annually to ensure new and growing equity securities are reflected.

The currency used to express performance is the US dollar.