HOUSTON — September 30, 2022 — Bridgeway Capital Management (Bridgeway), a leader in relational investing, announced today that Elena Khoziaeva, CFA (Portfolio Manager and Head of US Equity) and Jacob Pozharny, PhD (Portfolio Manager and Head of International Equity) have been named Co-Chief Investment Officers (Co-CIO) alongside current CIO and Bridgeway founder John Montgomery.

Creating the Co-CIO role is an important milestone in Bridgeway’s goal to build an enduring firm and is part of our long-term succession planning. As Co-CIOs, all three will share responsibility for guiding the investment management team at Bridgeway, including investment research, portfolio management, risk management, client relationship support, and professional development to ensure the best use of the investment management team’s resources. All three will retain their portfolio manager roles.

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Elena and Jacob as Co-CIOs and reminded daily of the honor and joy of working with such talented individuals,” said John Montgomery. “We work hard at Bridgeway to combine the strengths of cognitive and identity diversity, collaboration, and alignment. On one hand, their elevation represents a small change—we’ve had shared leadership and accountability for more than a decade on the investment team and in our portfolios. On the other hand, this recognizes the growth of these two outstanding professionals and sets us up for an extraordinary future of bringing our clients, colleagues, and community the best we have to offer.

Elevating Khoziaeva and Pozharny to Co-CIOs reflects Bridgeway’s commitment to investment team development, succession planning, and the recognition of their leadership and strong contributions to Bridgeway. In her 21 years with Bridgeway, Khoziaeva has risen to Head of US Equity through her skills in portfolio management, investment research, project management, and team leadership. Since joining Bridgeway in 2018, Pozharny has guided the firm’s development of international and global quantitative equity and alternative strategies. He has over 28 years of experience leading investment teams, managing equity portfolios, and research leadership at QMA, a Prudential Global Investment Management (PGIM) company, and TIAA-CREF (now TIAA).

All three Co-CIOs will report to Bridgeway President and CEO Tammira Philippe. “This is an important step in Bridgeway’s mission to build an enduring firm focused on clients, colleagues, and community,” said Tammira Philippe. “Jacob, Elena, and John have all demonstrated leadership and commitment to Bridgeway’s relational investing principles. Shared responsibility for investment excellence is exactly what we designed to happen in a firm that fosters diversity and the development of each individual’s unique talents. We are excited about what’s ahead for our investors and the world with the guidance of these leaders.”

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Bridgeway Capital Management is a Houston-based investment management firm founded in 1993. We believe our strong and principled organizational culture, coupled with our disciplined investment process, allows us to deliver innovative investment solutions to institutions, advisors, and individuals. Bridgeway is a leader in relational investing, which unites results for investors with returns for humanity. Our approach to investing is statistical and evidence-based, motivated by a passion for servant leadership and global impact, which we accomplish by donating 50% of our firm’s earnings to organizations making a positive impact. Based on the evidence, we firmly believe that diverse and inclusive teams and organizations make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.

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