Houston, Texas (Oct. 12, 2021) – Bridgeway Capital Management (“Bridgeway”), a leader in relational investing, and RadiantESG Global Investors (“RadiantESG”), leaders in delivering next-generation ESG investment solutions, are delighted to announce a collaboration between their firms to expand ESG integration in Bridgeway’s US Large-Cap Growth strategy. 

The collaboration began as a consulting arrangement in 2020 with Bridgeway’s Responsible Investing Committee seeking expertise and insight from RadiantESG to assess the evolving ESG landscape and expand ESG considerations in Bridgeway’s statistical, evidence-based investment process.  The consulting relationship evolved organically to identify opportunities to serve investors together, resulting in collaboration on research for Bridgeway’s Large-Cap Growth strategy starting in March 2021.  Today, Bridgeway integrates ESG considerations into investment decisions for the Bridgeway Large-Cap Growth strategy with a differentiated, diversified approach that utilizes ESG ratings complemented by RadiantESG’s controversy and impact insights and implemented by Bridgeway’s diverse, experienced team of investment professionals.  Both RadiantESG and Bridgeway incorporate ESG considerations in all investment offerings, although their collaboration is currently focused on Bridgeway’s Large-Cap Growth strategy.

Bridgeway and RadiantESG share a passion for systematic investing and making a big difference for investors and the world.  Both firms believe strongly in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion and embrace the vital role that capital markets play in furthering progress on environmental, social, and governance issues.

Bridgeway’s President and CEO, Tammira Philippe, says, “As Bridgeway builds an enduring firm with an extraordinary commitment to clients, colleagues, and community, we are excited to expand the integration of ESG considerations in our investment strategies and collaborate with RadiantESG Global Investors.  From the moment we met, I could see our alignment on making a positive impact for investors, our industry, and the world.”

Heidi Ridley, RadiantESG’s co-founder and CEO, added, “ESG information is vital if we are to understand the true threats and opportunities companies face.  We are thrilled that our consulting engagement with Bridgeway evolved into an exciting product collaboration that enables us to leverage our unique ESG insights through a creative partnership with an organization that shares our commitment to fostering meaningful change.”

“As we expanded our systematic ESG research and integration in all Bridgeway investment strategies, RadiantESG met our high standards for rigorous analysis and thoughtful implementation.  We are pleased to have their insights on controversy and impact to help us evaluate opportunities and risks in our US Large-Cap Growth strategy,” remarked Elena Khoziaeva, Bridgeway’s Head of US Equity. 

Kathryn McDonald, RadiantESG’s co-founder and head of investments and sustainability, added, “There was an immediate meeting of the minds between Bridgeway and RadiantESG.  We have a shared foundation in quantitative, proof-based approaches to equity investing and a belief that sustainable investing does not mean sacrificing returns.  Our partnership is aimed at creating something that we believe is superior to other offerings.”

About Bridgeway Capital Management

Bridgeway Capital Management is a leader in relational investing which unites results for investors and returns for humanity by taking an innovative approach to asset management.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas with over $5 billion in assets under management, Bridgeway offers intelligently designed investment strategies, sub-advisory services, and mutual funds to select institutions and advisors.  Relational investing is a statistical, evidence-based investment approach motivated by a passion for servant leadership and global impact which Bridgeway accomplishes by donating 50% of firm profits to organizations making a positive impact.  Since 1993, putting investors’ interests first has been a hallmark of the firm’s stewardship culture and core values of integrity, performance, efficiency, and service.  Bridgeway is determined to tackle some of the toughest problems on the planet. The bestselling book, To Stop A Warlord, by Bridgeway Foundation CEO Shannon Sedgwick Davis, highlights one example of Bridgeway’s global action for humanity.  More information on Bridgeway is available at bridgeway.com.

About RadiantESG Global Investors

RadiantESG Global Investors is a female and minority-owned, independent asset management firm focused on delivering next-generation ESG investment solutions for institutional and wealth management clients worldwide.  RadiantESG Global Investors intends to offer a range of investment strategies anchored on a proprietary Positive Change approach to ESG which captures ESG Leaders, ESG Evolvers, and Impact Leaders (UNSDG-aligned companies) underpinned by its ESG Mosaic framework for analyzing ESG and impact data on a global universe of companies. The strategies will aim to address shifts in demographics and the growing demand for more sustainable investment solutions.  More information on RadiantESG is available at radiantesg.com.

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