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Tammira Philippe, CFA


We have been heartened to hear from clients and friends of Bridgeway concerned about the situation in Texas and asking how to help. Bridgeway is resilient, operational, and grateful. 

The Houston area and entire state of Texas experienced freezing temperatures and interruptions in electricity, communications, and clean water. Throughout, Bridgeway maintained its operations uninterrupted, thanks to our business continuity procedures and resources and dedicated staff and business partners. Our staff also largely avoided severe impact from this event, but our broader community has not been so fortunate.

While this adds yet another unprecedented tragedy to too many the world has had lately, we have also witnessed and experienced unprecedented kindness and strive to contribute to more of that in the world.  Outside of continuing operations, we are seeking to provide immediate support to those impacted—as well as looking ahead to long-term recovery facing our home state of Texas and others. We remain engaged with partners in our local and global community who need our support and ask you to do the same.

We are soliciting ideas from colleagues and friends about organizations doing important work in Texas and surrounding areas during this time of need, and we welcome yours as well.

Thank you for your thoughts and support. We see the world differently at Bridgeway.  As leaders in relational investing, we seek to bridge the gap between results for investors and returns for humanity.  Join us.

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